Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Up-cycled wardrobe - Last 2015 update (probably)

Back in June I challenged myself to make a weeks worth of clothes using mostly up-cycled materials.
So far I have succeeded making some items from my challenge list...

Seven pairs of underpants, in fact I made ten pairs.

Three skirts

Three pairs of long pants, I just can't stop making these.

At the moment I am working on making some tops from remnant materials I have found in my stash and at the second hand store. After that I will tackle shorts and socks (not together obviously). The hard things like bras and shoes will be left until last... I have a few ideas.

The prototype top, simple but comfortable.
More and more of my clothes are hand made now. I am really pleased with my progress on this challenge. I am wearing everything I make regularly and even making some things not on the list originally (like house dresses).


  1. wonderful.. may I ask what pattern you are using as I would love to do this..

    1. Hi Phiona, If you click on the links in the post it takes you to the post about making particular items. I always include a link to a pattern or a description of how I made a pattern.

  2. thank you so much Jude.. have really enjoyed reading your blogg..

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed reading it...I enjoyed writing it.